The 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring On LinkedIn

While LinkedIn can be an excellent source of talent, not following a couple of rules can seriously harm your employer branding.

by Fabian Sautier — 11 September 2016

With instant access to more than 450 million registered professionals, LinkedIn has become the Eldorado for corporate recruiters. Simply post a job offer and the most qualified candidates around the globe will apply – so they say. Yet, many companies are struggling to leverage the platform efficiently for their recruiting. The fact that the jobs offers for the same jobs are being published over and over within just a few weeks proves that companies are less the successful at finding the right candidate than they think.

I have been monitoring corporate HR LinkedIn practices closely over the last couple of years and here is my take at what hirers need to do differently:

Provide a human job poster contact. LinkedIn is above all a network of humans. Professionals use it to get in touch and interact with people, not brands. Yet, many job offers are posted completely anonymously and do not provide any contact person to follow up with. While I understand that hirers might prefer not to post offers under their name in order to not be bothered by follow up questions, this is exactly the kind of behavior that will discourage top-tier candidates from applying. Because they recognize hirers are not putting in the effort they consider natural to ‘earn’ their candidacy.

A job offer posted on LinkedIn should not be any different from one posted on the corporate website – including a necessary contact person.

Provide additional information about your company, especially company culture. LinkedIn is particularly interesting for smaller companies with lower notoriety because of the direct access to millions of potential candidates. Many of those companies that might post an interesting job offer, yet candidates might hear about that company for the first time. In this case not having a LinkedIn company page or short description about the company in the offer is a killer. Candidates might not know who they are dealing with and instantly move on to the next offer instead of making the effort to research further about the company on the web.

Fully leverage the advantages of a digital platform by showing a company culture video to create appeal with potential hires.

Refrain from reposting the same job offer over and over to increase candidacies. You often observe companies posting the same job offer over and over again within just few days and weeks. Their intentions can be manifold: move up the listing feeds of potential candidate, get an attractive “NEW” mention next to their listing, eventually increase the amount of people exposed to the offer. Yet, from a candidate’s perspective this behavior creates an image of a desperate and impatient employer. Worst, he or she might think that no one else is applying for the job or people abandon during the interview process requiring the hirer to repost his offer. In recruiting what is valid for candidates is also valid for hirers: scarcity creates demand and patience is required to find the right match.

What is your perspective on the topic? Have you hired or been hired via LinkedIn? We would love to hear your experiences in the comment section below.

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